Horror Movies Today

So as I read one of my favorite horror movie news website, I read how Saw 3-D was top rated on the charts and I just sat there confused and needing a drink. I don’t mean to sound like a jack ass but is that what this world is coming to? A scary movie that like the 700th of its series and in 3-D is now the best movie on the charts, what is the world coming to?

Back when I was a kid in the 80s and early 90s, horror movies used to make me scared to sleep, lol, now they make me laugh more than anything. I mean id be more scared if a creature came outta the woods to eat me rather they gnawing off my leg to get a key to unlock my big toe so I can escape a dirty old condemned bathroom.

This is a plead, a cry out, me on my knees begging for mercy that horror movie producers and script writers start making horror films with fear as the objection instead of fucking gore, mistery and fucking technological advances like 3-D!!!

My rant for the day!